Bone Grafting in McLean, VA

Bone Graft After Tooth Removal

After tooth extraction, a bone graft (powdered, human cadaver bone) is often placed at the time of tooth extraction to help your body fill in the empty socket with bone. This step will preserve the width and height of bone needed for implant placement 4 months later.
Consequences of No Ridge Preservation After Extractions
Single Tooth Grafting – Ridge Preservation

Bone Graft Before or During Implant Placement

In some situations, further Bone Grafting is needed prior to implant placement. For example:
  • Upper Back teeth: Because the Sinuses tend to extend lower and very close and around the upper back teeth, a Sinus Bone Graft / Lift (using Piezo Technology) is often needed. This type of graft restores the bone height and is done at the same time or prior to implant placement.
Sinus Bone Graft Prior to Implant Placement
Piezo Technology to Perform a Sinus Bone Graft
Sinus Bone Graft with Simultaneous Implant Placement
  • When the teeth have been removed and not replaced for too many years, or when bone graft material was not used to preserve this bone, the bone tends to shrink. To regrow the bone, simple or more sophisticated bone grafting (such as SonicWeld Rx) may be needed.
Bone replacement becomes more complex as time passes.
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