TruTeeth in McLean, VA

TruTeeth in McLean, VA

TruTeeth is a treatment designed to replace All Teeth / Dentures
If you are missing or will be missing all your teeth, Elevation Center offers 2 great implant-supported alternatives to the traditional, unstable, removable denture.

Fixed TruTeeth

Fixed TruTeeth is the most popular and desired prosthesis. It utilizes 4-6 implants to stabilize the prosthesis. It is not removable by the patient. Only a dental professional can remove it. It has a minimalistic design that will satisfy both form and function. It allows you to chew at 90% capacity compared to a full mouth of natural teeth. In addition, it is color stable and will not stain with food, coffee, etc.
Fixed Hybrid Prosthesis – Upper Teeth
Fixed Hybrid Prosthesis – Lower Teeth

Snap-on TruTeeth

Snap-on TruTeeth is a good alternative to the fixed option. It utilizes 4 implants to stabilize the prosthesis. Compared to a traditional denture, it allows a higher chewing strength compared to a full mouth of natural teeth (40% Vs 10%). This prosthesis is removable by the patient and “snaps on and off”. It is also often referred to as an “overdenture”.
Each person/situation is different. Your surgeon will discuss with you the need for antibiotics, post-procedure comfort management, the need for anesthesia in bigger cases, etc.
Removable Locator Attachment Overdenture
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