CPAP Alternative: Combination Surgery

Combination Surgery

The chin advancement procedure moves the chin bone forward, therefore pulling the tissues behind the tongue forward. This creates the space needed for the patient to breath comfortably during the night.
The procedure involves only the chin segment of the lower jaw (mandible). The segment that contains the teeth is not affected by the operation.
Your jaws will not be wired shut after the procedure and you will be able to open your mouth comfortably.
There are no restrictions on what kind of food you can eat after the surgery.
Complications and side effects from the procedure include excessive bleeding (unlikely), infection (unlikely), temporary numbness of the lower lip and chin (likely), temporary swelling (likely), and temporary feeling of tightness in the chin (likely).
When you combine this chin surgery with the palatal/tonsil/base of tongue surgery by the Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon, the Success Rate is 70%. (Success Rate = the odds of OSA cure, with no further need for the CPAP machine).
Recovery from the surgery: The pain after the surgery is very well controlled with medications. The swelling will increase for 2–3 days, then stabilize and start regressing. Most of the swelling is gone after 2 weeks.
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