Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery in McLean, VA

The upper and lower jaw advancement procedure moves both jaws forward in space, therefore pulling the tissues behind the roof of the mouth (palate) and tongue forward. This creates the space needed for the patient to breath comfortably during the night.
The Success Rate is 90–95%. This is a strong chance of an OSA cure, with no further need for the CPAP machine.
Complications from the procedure include: excessive bleeding (unlikely), infection (unlikely), temporary numbness of the cheeks, lips and chin (likely), and temporary swelling (likely).
Your jaws will not be wired shut after the surgery, and you will be able to open your mouth without restrictions.
Nutrition: You will be eating a solid but non-chew diet after the procedure (scrambled eggs, rice and other foods that is cut into small enough pieces) for 6 weeks.
Recovery from the surgery: The pain after the surgery is very well controlled with medications. The swelling will increase for 2–3 days, then stabilize and start regressing. Most of the swelling is gone after 2 weeks, while the residual swelling will take a few more weeks to subside. The numbness will gradually improve for several weeks to months after the procedure. You can eat soft, non-chewable foods such as mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, rice, etc. (as long as you don’t need to put your teeth together to crush the food).
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