CPAP Alternative: Oral Appliance

Oral Appliance (Worn During Sleep Only)

The oral appliance moves the lower jaw bone forward in space during sleep, therefore pulling the tissues behind the tongue forward. This creates the space needed for the patient to breath comfortably during sleep.
At Elevation Center, we use Intra-Oral Digital Scanning Technology (3-Shape Trios) to make a precisely fitting device, thus eliminating the need for dental impression “mold” material (which is messy, tends to cause a gag reflex, and often must be repeated several times).
The success rate is 90–95% in patients with mild-moderate sleep apnea. Our patients no longer need to use the CPAP machine.
Side effects from using the oral appliance include: temporary excessive salivation (likely), soreness in the morning (likely, for a few minutes after waking up), TMJ/facial discomfort (unlikely), minor changes in how your teeth fit together (rare, not practically problematic).
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